Poor Stelvio fuelling - Finebau electronics fueling module

Having bought a 2011 Stelvio, I have been fed up with the poor throttle response at low RPMs which spoils the bike to a degree. Searching around, I came across the Finebau electronics module and having tried to get one have been advised by Twiggers in Loughborough that they are discontinued due to ill health of the supplier. Can anyone help with finding an alternative solution to improve the fuelling?

have you tryd contacting them your self, I haven’t heard any thing about dave being unwell, if not gutsibits sell them.

The Finebau Forge home page appears to have been hijacked (by barelylegalsolutions.com :open_mouth: ), any contact / order forms on other still accessible pages say “disabled by owner”, one remaining seller’s page for the module says “no longer available”.

I saw Dave briefly to speak to at the Clocks Forward, can’t remember what he said about his state of health tho.


Thanks for the helpful replies. Got onto Guzzibits and obtained Boosterplug which hopefully does the same job.