Power-coat or stove-enamel frame?

I’m doing a full strip & rebuild, repainting the frame, rails, forks sliders & wheels. What is best - powder coating or stove enamelling?

I prefer stove enamaling its easier to touch up and sticks to bare metal better if the powder coating chipps it seems to bubble and peel off in big chunks

have it sprayed in 2pac

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Sorry! What would be the advantages?Mr Noisy2014-08-05 18:50:15

Where would be a good place to get stove enamelling or 2 pac done?

2 pack is the way ahead, water can get under powder coating and bubble it up, as Ray said

Where are you?

I am in Glasgow, I looked online but there doesn’t seem to be any in the area. You mentioned 2 pac, can this be done by a normal spray shop, or am I thinking of a different modern paint. I don’t mind sending it away to get a good job.

I know when I am clear coating a model car I sometimes use, what is known a 2 pack clear lacquer,it consists of a lacquer, a hardener, yes I know it says 2 pack but there is a third ingredient , but you also add thinners. Could the 2 pac you mention be applied through a standard spray gun at home, obviously my airbrushes are too small, but a normal size gun?


Could it be done by

I will bow to your knowledge but have been told this is not a problem with new techiques.

I’m Cheshire

Hammerite. Can be touched up anytime with just a brush.

most paint sprayer’s will do it,its the paint they all use now

Thank you

Mr Noisy. What did you decide to do in the end? I have a project that needs the same process. On my previous project I had the frame powder coated. I was reasonably happy with it but did have to touch it up in a couple of places. I’m looking at what to do for my current restoration.

Has anyone used these guys:

I would also be grateful for any recommendations for an enamel stoving supplier, ideally located somewhere between London and the Midlands.

I’ve not progressed it yet. I think I may end up with a combination for frame & wheels. I’ll post an update when sorted.

If I needed my frame painted I would do it by hand using a quality 2 part polyurethane such as epiphanes or awlgrip. These paints when cured are incredibly tough, and the paint flows really well so you can get a spray like finish especially over a small area such as a bike frame. You do need to practice a bit to get it right but it is not hard to do. Also painting by hand you get a lot more paint on the frame. I painted a steel boat a few years ago and am amazed at the strength and gloss of finish in a very harsh environment ie: the sea!. Might be worth considering if you fancy doing it yourself. Good luck