Power commander for Griso 8V

Hi, Has anyone fitted a power commander to a Griso 8V? are they worth the money and do they work, do they improve the bike? or is there something on the market that is better.Thanks Eddie.

The Power commander would not be much help on the Griso 8v due to it only having effect in the ‘open loop’ area’ in other words above 40% throttle openings. The 8v may benefit from a custom map (BSD Engineering, Peterborough) if fitted with a slip on silencer and a free flow air filter. Note I say might because the silencer and filter will actually reduce power on thier own. if you are happy with how the bike performs and is set up correctly by your dealer I wouldn’t waste money on a Power CommanderDaveM2012-08-20 14:03:31

I believe some tuners can now flash the ECUs on recent models like the Griso, and in effect make it fully programmeable and negate the need for a Power Commander.

get the fuel map updated by your local MG delar. and ride it like it was designd to be riden, it wont come to life till it hits 6000rpm. my old 8v was a fantastic bike. and if it had been more reliable i would still have it ( clic no start problem )

Click no start problem is so easily fixed too.

yes i know that now but i was new to guzzi then,

i had this done on my 1100 and really is worth it

My 1100 Sport has been re-mapped with a Will Creedon chip and has K & N’s and Cross overs and different exhausts and goes very well indeed…

My V11 Le Mans was done by Twiggers and it has the Stucchi x over and more open pipes fitted boy it does kick u in the ass eeeevery time, even Test rider Johnno noticed a bit of a difference to a standard (boring) set up…