Preset torque wrench

At a mates on Saturday playing with an engine and he produced a 1/4" drive single setting torque wrench. It is preset for m6 bolts (5nm???). I never torque all the little allen bolts but with this tool it’s so easy that why wouldn’t you torque them all.
Anyone know where I can find one? I have searched the interweb to no avail. He bought his years ago from theivebay.
I want one…

I’ve heard of these but never seen one. My understanding is that they were normally only available for small settings (like 5Nm) because the adjustable ones tend to be inaccurate at very light loadings (say less than 10-12Nm). But I could be wrong…

OTOH I just saw this -

Thanks for link.
I finally found
Called them up and they are the bargain price of £219 !
I also found

I have never torqued an allen screw on a Guzzi or stripped one but with 3 Guzzis to service, 1 with internal oil filter, it’s lot of allen screws so seems like a good idea…

I agree with lemon.
The only time I have torqued anything on my Guzzi’s is when I have had the heads off to change the rings.