Pressing the starter button when engine is running

Something thats goes against every bone in my body, but on my V7III its how you access various sub menus such as traction control levels etc.
I sat and read the manual ( a rare thing in itself ) twice to make sure i was not misunderstand something, gritted my teeth and half expected a horrible grinding sound. But now, display just changed as promised. Have to say thats the most unusual system I have come across but as I am new to MG, who knows. Anyhow, off to top up the brake fluid via the indicator stalk now

Having started with French workshop manuals, and translating some, then on to reading English translations of German and some Japanese ones it’s strange what some countries call logic.
I’ll stick with the V50, no electronics, and save for the Norge.

My V50 used to do it all the time - full lock with the touring tank bag afixed.

Hard to believe that a V7 really needs traction control! I guess it’s a gimmick? I can only ever remember breaking traction on a Guzzi a couple of times, and that was on wet grass, never on tarmac, on more powerful/torguey bikes.

My scooter has it and it’s tripped at least twice that I was aware of.

It’s dead easy to add TC if the bike has ABS.