Probably all plastic tank models

For those of you with plastic fuel tanks this may be useful; I had read elsewhere that the water drain pipe blocks quite easily and that you can clear it with a bit of bicycle brake cable.

I checked mine recently and it was blocked, luckily I had removed my fuel tank.I tried the brake cable trick which worked fine on my old 900 Trident but wasn’t working on the Guzzi. I could get the cable to go so far each way and it stopped at the same spot.

Looking under the tank you can see where the rubber pipes connect to the tank for overflow fuel and water drain. it turns out that the spigot that the pipe attaches to was blocked, this can be unscrewed from the tank and can then be drilled out or unblocked whichever works best; when clear blowing through the pipe(s) will confirm.

I mentioned to my dealer some time back about my water-drain being blocked and he said to be very carefull if I decided to unscrew it from the tank as they had just had one where the thread started to spin in the tank (probably a bonded boss which had come adrift).
I decided to take the easier option and blow it through with the airline, worked perfectly and I now do it on a regular basis.

I don’t understand why the hole has to be so small :question:

I drilled mine out a bit and it hasn’t blocked since.

Mind you, I’m not sure whether it’ll snap off if I ever have to take it out again!