Problem refitting pannier rack to 750 Breva

Evening all. In an attempt to get better access for cleaning, I removed the silencers and pannier racks on my Breva. The silencers lined up and went back on with no problem, but the left hand pannier rack was nowhere near lining up properly. It doesn’t look deformed in any way when compared with the right hand one (which wasn’t a problem). Has anyone else experienced this problem? I did have the bike on the sidestand. Might this make a difference?

it might be that the machine was dropped and the pannier frame slightly bent ( happened to me) loosen the upper fixings, then wiggle it a little till it snaps into place
also check the exhaust mountings are lined up

if you get stuck ping me, and I will snap a picture of mine, but the frames are not symmetrical even when new
also have you got the correct spacers at the top, if the rack is not fitted ?
I have seen them fitted without, that does not help
I had some turned up as I sold my rack, because when I put a bag on it, it obscured the rear light from anything other than a small car, and round here all the idiots drive SUVS and Four wheel drives, , a kindly truck driver pointed it out to me in France
I considered adding an extra light, but ditched the rack instead and carry less stuff
i hate complication

Thanks for the reply. It might be a few days before I get around to checking anything on the bike now. It does have both of the spacers and the exhaust mountings seem to line up fine with the exhaust. The rack is well adrift from the one relevant to it though. If memory serves me well, it is somewhere around 1 1/2" out.

from memory there is a degree of movement on the silencer mountings, due to a recall and they can drop a little bit as well
I will try to snap a photo when the rain stops and put the measurement in as well

I had similar problem, but found that lining up the carrier, inserting all the bolts and only then do the nuts up evenly.

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Finally, last Monday, I had the time to have another attempt, nothing else was more urgent and it wasn’t raining. I haven’t a clue what was going on the first time around, but they went on with no problems.