progressvie fork springs

i wonder if any of you have tried fitting these to a T3 or a mark 2 lemon? did it help? or are the original guzzi fork springs just fine, ta very much, dont mess with it should I give it a whirl? many moons ago, I fitted a set to an XJ9 (the original fork springs were more like those you find in a biro…) and whilst I had to muck about with fork oil grading, once this was sorted, they were good

i just put heavy duty springs(marked with yellow paint) in the G5 and new dampers,transformed the handling corners like it is on rails

are these guzzi springs you used or another sort, Keith, I tried a google, baaaad move. Now I’m even more confused than usual

FAC dampers and dual rate springs on my mk111 lemons transformed the handling.
These were already fitted to my T3 when I bought it ant it was fine as well.
Purchased from the fine folk at MotoMecca.

Ditto, recently fitted FAC dampers+progressive springs to the 1000s, handling way better than the old internals,
PhilPhil Gough2013-01-30 20:42:22

Ah ha, thanx chaps, that’s probably all three old guzzis sorted, then, there’s a spada lurking in here too. Ridden by a chap who is much bigger than I …

Another dim question, do I just google dual rate springs etc

gutsi bits sell them springs&f=d&Model=0&search=SEARCH&spPage=2#topbar

I found I needed my steering damper for the first 2,000 miles whilst they all bedded in, Then fine.

we have steering dampers… the lemon came with one and Bloke fitted them to the Spada and the T3, coz under full metal pannier luggage they tended to shake their heads a bit. Works a treat now, why are pre 1979 T3 springs £90 and post 1979 T3 springs £20?!

cannot help you on that.
possibly go up and see them side by side.

Ask who ever sells them?

£90 ones are made by wurth and are progressive £20 ones are standard springs

But, and this is based on the guzzibits website

Who buys one fork spring? seriously confused and about to talk to baldrick

they sell them as pairs

most likley the same person that orders a2 Motoguzzi big end bearings only to recieve 2 shells as they are listed and sold singley
you need 4 bearings for a twin

Got my parts from Gutsibits, pair of FAC dampers, pair of progressive springs, pair of oil seals, just over £300, Bike sorted, good people to deal with,

Yes they are.
That seems a good price as mine cost me £175.00 in '97.

Best bet, give Paul or Baldrick a call. Whatever you do, don’t fit heavy duty springs in your bike, unless you like riding pile drivers.

Oh, they’ve been pesterd, Brian and we are now mulling it over…

Who buys one fork spring? still confused they are listed single-y for post 79 and as pairs for pre79