Prop Stand Mounting, Le mans 1000 (mk4)

Is there anyone in or around the west midlands with a Le Mans 1000 that i could take a look at, please (I’m in Wolverhampton WV3 - or at the Royal Oak!).

I’ve got a Le mans Mk4 1000 but it came to me without a prop-stand (just a centre stand). Someone has previously removed not just the side stand itself but also any mounting brackets etc> so its not clear where it should go. I understand that it mounts just behind the gearbox along side the centre stand but without seeing another bike I’ve no idea what is missing or what i might need to find in order to mount one.

I think that the MK4 and the Mk5 LeMans both had the same prop-stand arrangements, so a look at a Mk5 should be just as useful.

Now that I’ve started using rather than tarting around with it, its getting to be a pain to use the centre stand too often (ps tyre pressures are crucial with the 16" front wheel once you’ve got them right the smaller wheel is actually an improvement in bend swinging - and totally stable too)

The alternative would be to mount a prop-stand off the front engine bolt like some other guzzis. I’ve taken the silly belly pan off so that gives me access. Any ideas about alternative prop stands and mounting points?

thanks, nigel (and can anyone sell me the MK4/5 prop-stand with any or all mounting brackets?)

It does using the gearbox retaining bolt.
Fowlers list it as no longer available so Reboot and Gutsi bits are your friends here.

The T5 and Spada 3 had the same side stand. They are quite sought after as they actually work well and a standard improvement on T3’s Spada’s etc.
Good luck finding one.
Try the usual suspects like Gutsibits, Reboot, Nick Euro bits

or…you could use a bottom rail off a convert…then you’d have a monster side stand…tho there are grounding issues when indulging in hero cornerin…

This what the LM4 assembly looks like which I fitted to my LM2… I bought the bracket new from motomecca but I think it was probably one of the last new ones about 8 years ago…

thanks Neil that’s a big help.
(I don’t suppose you want to sell do you?)
Assuming not, could you measure the length of the propstand tube (ie from the middle of the pivot bolt to the start of the foot?)
thanks, nigel

The stand itself looks pretty similar to the standard one on my Spada. I was thinking I’d make a bracket and move mine to the middle and see how it is. I can see no reason why it won’t work, but if it doesn’t I will have to weld a peg onto it so I can flick it down when sitting on the bike. At the moment it’s impossible to find it.

If I did that to my stand it’d flick back up again a split second later. There are ways to stop them I suppose, never bothered. I expect you’ve heard tales of bikes left ticking over on the prop stand, picking up revs a bit and doing the Guzzi lurch to the right allowing the stand to fold up…

This is my Spada with the side stand off a T5 I think, you need a longer gearbox bolt and stand bolt to account for the thickness of the bracket.
I find mine tends to lean further over in time and I need to bend the bracket back into place occasionally, despite it being about 5mm thick.

Looks like 21.5cm from bolt centre to top of foot… I had to make up a longer gearbox bolt but guess yours will have the correct length… it does flip up with slightest provication probably due to the spring strength ? Wouldnt leave mine on it whilst runningnor out of my sight tbh…

Not sure if they still have them but earlier this year Gutsibits were selling mid frame mounting side stands for Tonti models. They looked good but were quiet pricey at around £115 (ish) if my memory serves. Could be worth considering though, the last time a T5 side stand came up on eBay it sold for about the same price.

many thanks to all your comments and especially the photos
Much clearer now and reboot & nick euro bits both reckon can get a new mounting bracket for around £40-50
So i await the postman …