PS11 master cylinder

I want to improve the feel of the lever on my Spada front brake, and it looks like a smaller master cylinder is the way to go. Guzziology recommends an 11mm to go with a single P08 caliper.
I’ve found a new PS11 at Stein Dinse for 90 euros which seems quite good. It looks like it should fit on OK although I haven’t checked the fluid port thread size on my old one. Anyone tried similar?

The Brembo PS master cylinders all have the same porting, thing to check is what lever fits it, Spada one may not.

Comes complete with a lever, which I thought was good for 90 euros.

Ian…have you thought about a rebuild kit…
ps…will have your book at club on wednesday…

My Spada front lever is pretty wooden feeling, great brake, but little feel to it. I have always just accepted that’s the way it is. A friend did de-link his brakes and ran 2 calipers off the standard master cylinder no problem.
It is a standard 10mm?? union fitting to the hydraulic line, so in theory you could use any master cylinder. A smaller master cylinder would give more lever movement, that hopefully would translate into a bit more feel to it

Standard front master cylinder is PS12, Guzziology suggests using smaller mc (ie PS11) to get more feel.

“My Spada front lever is pretty wooden feeling, great brake, but little feel to it.” - that’s exactly it Don, but I have quite small hands so want to make it better.

PS11 ordered from Stein Dinse now, and looks like it should be a straight swap. Comes with dogleg lever. Brembo part number 10539316.

I’m sure a dog leg lever will help. it’s quite a stretch to the standard one.

Quick update on this. The new PS11 master cylinder came last weekend and I got it fitted, which was all straightforward. It’s a more modern one with rectangular reservoir and dogleg lever. Bled up nicely, but didn’t get time to refit the fairing until yesterday so today’s run up to the Raven was my first chance to try it. Overall impression is that it’s much more usable now, with 2 fingers on the lever enough for good control. Now I’m actually using the front brake, it shows that the right-hand disc must be running a bit out of true. Pics below, with brake off.

Old one:
New one:

Nice job.
I get a judder from the front single disc on mine with prolonged braking. I think there is a rough spot on the disc somewhere.