Getting serious now, i’m usually in the pub of a sunday night. could be worse, just seen a news report that they might be running out of beer in australia!! No more tinnies getting thrown on the barbie. strewth!

could be worse

I presume everyone has seen Boris’ speech by now. Yes it could, 2 weeks from now we’re going to find out if we get as many deaths as Italy

I’m 66 so I’m going to be a good boy and do like he says and shut myself in for the duration.

The pub across the road were proposing to sell 4 pint containers of take away real ale, I will have to check if that is still the case :smiley:

Could run over there with your own bucket.

Now that brings back memories… My mate who lived next door but two had a party and I turned up with a bucketfull of home brew :smiley:

my local is offering a collection service, using sterilised milk containers. think it might just be delivery now… knew i should have bought that home brew kit…