Hi has anyone got a puller to get the magneto off a 1966 stornello sport or know where i can get hold of one.

Hiya I am told you can use a Shimano bicycle crank puller number TL-10. Also good for reassembling the forks as it fits the top of the tubes, and you can use it to pull the legs up into the yokes. Not tried either but I read it on a Storello forum
Scrambler Cycle
http://www.scramblercycle.com/moto-guzzi-stornello.html#/Don-Spada2012-11-24 17:35:03

You need to know the thread x pitch. I’ve got various pullers, they’re only a few quid on Ebay.

Thanks for the advice i bought a shimano puller and managed to get the magneto off with a bit of a struggle. I have split the cases and first impressions seem positive but i need to examine all the parts thoroughly. ciao Don

Thank the guys on Scrambler Cycle, they had the idea first!Stornello site