Pulsing discs (floating) - anyone tried this?

On my '14 Stelvio, I’m experiencing the low speed pulsing that would normally suggest warped discs (they are not) but seems to be down to dirty/contaminated braking surfaces and/or ineffective floating ‘buttons’. The dealer had cleaned the discs up once for me and all was well but it’s coming back, oh yes. Well, I have seen mention of a method on another forum (ADV rider) which sounds good but would like to hear if anyone here has tried it. Here is a copy ‘n’ paste…“I’ll bet that most of the warped rotors really are not warped at all. The pulsing is a common problem with OEM floating rotors and is caused by the buttons getting gunked up so the rotors no longer float. It does not take much dirt or corrosion to cause this. One way to free up the buttons is to use a 6mm allen head cap screw through the button, secured with a locking nut. Then use an electric drill to spin the button. One drop of a light lube will help the process but you do not want to use so much that the lube will get on the friction surface. When you are finished you should be able to move the buttons with just your fingers. This has worked for me on an ST2, a Multistrada, a Norge, and the Stelvio.”

So, any comments?


Spin the buttons with a drill could cause wear to them, the rotor and the rotor hanger. This will lead to rotational play between the rotor and hanger. Early OHC R series BMW were prone to this. Be careful :slight_smile:

My opinion, clean buttons with brake cleaner try move brake discs like checking wheel bearings to see if they have freed off. One line of thought was commuting or soft braking could cause the problem, so maybe some heavy braking practice my be worth a try. Ask me about the “Baldrick” method in the chip shop.Â

The Balderick method? I expect this is more than just a cunning plan…

Missed the last chip shop meet due to a work do…and guess what? We have been summonsed to another ‘official’ work event next Tuesday too. Bah!

I blame the Japanese.


PS my riding style means I’m not heavy on my brakes so this could be interesting. I’ll have a go with brake cleaner first as you suggest (buttons and disc surface).

Next time you can make the chip shop mention this to Stelvio Pete, he has some ideas on this.

As I’ve said before, who needs floating discs for ordinary road use. Fashion, pah.

If this was happening to cars there’d be rioting in the streets … the peasants will be revolting and Watchdog will be working night shifts…

 push a small bolt into the center hole and a nut wound down to finger tighten (or an "easy out " drive) and wiggle and spray you will feel the wobble in the joint as it comes back to floating.

What is this ‘chip shop’ Geouge, I don’t like the implications?.
I don’t know yet C but I think Karla is behind it.I have set Toby and the lamplighters onto it but it may take some time.

The chip shop is the plaice where the knowledge is shared and the bllsit is free!

Plenty of disc button tittle-tattle occurred yesterday and the stand-up comedians involved were all sitting down at the time, enjoying their chips.

Thanks for the advice, chaps. I’m nearly there after having done the ‘nut+bolt+brake cleaner’ thing once