Purists look away

Don’t like red frames and def wouldn’t want to go pillion


Many on here will hate this - might get a discussion going, it is a Guzzi…

Mostly Ok for me. I’d been looking for a rough LM project myself to monoshock before prices went stupid. I wouldn’t have cut the rear frame rails and I’d still prefer side panels. Deeply dislike bar end mirrors, but at least it’s not wearing those awful frilly brake rotors that seem to excite people these days. And yeah – I wouldn’t have bothered with the flapper bracket and pegs either.

Leaves me cold. I’m far from a purist but bikes which are built to be looked at rather than ridden don’t interest me, if I want to look at a work of art I go to an art gallery or somewhere. Having said that I find that things designed to be functional have a kind of beauty anyway, bikes with minimal mudguards, tiny indicators and other modern fads don’t in my opinion.

It looks quite good to me. At least it looks useable as a solo. It even has sensible bars on it. I wouldn’t bother with the silly pillion pad.
I don’t normally like the open frame, no side panels look, but having the monoshock there does put something in the hole.

As a work of art, fairy nuff. Yep, it’s a goer. I like how the space in the rear of the frame contains a monoshock, i.e. has a reason for being open and empty…

I also notice how it’s leaning on a little block of wood, yes I used to carry a little block of wood around everywhere with me. :laughing:

Still retains the original suiside stand. I would have junked that in favour of a LeMans 4/5 side stand.

I like it, utterly impractical as far as I am concerned but rideable and a work of love.

You mean there are side stands even worse than Mk4/5 Le Mans?

As a cafe racer, I like this. Would be interested to ride.

Looks good but I wouldn’t have bothered with the pillion pad and pegs. I have seen nicer ones created in owners sheds

It could well be that his wife Debbie is very happy with the pillion provision.

Maybe she even specified it!?

Just sayin’

If the battery is in the seat hump it puts the weight higher than is preferable, however compared to my middle aged spread it is of little consequence. I like side panels too, metal boxes like on a V7 Sport or 750S to keep your sandwiches in, or for all those important tools like Autosol and a polishing rag :confused:

where do I put my panniers and tank bag and tent ?

I did say it was utterly impracticle, but looks good.

It’s interesting that usefulness and practicality are now important design features for so many commentators.
And yet the aesthetic components of bikes are equally important.
Maybe there are no good bikes? :wink:
Have fun