Push rod wear

Started stripping one of my engines to use in the new bike think it was a bargain buy at the moment I paid £225 for it unseen out a crashed bike have checked and engine number is not registered with Police etc
its in brilliant condition so far and I think it could of gone straight in the new bike its got very nice barrels with good Nikasil lining
Only thing I have noticed was a couple of pushrods have wear on them halve way up aprox
First one I thought could be bent I thought as the wear is all one side – but its true the second one has nearly 1/2 a mil missing on diameter and the wear is all around it , when loosely assembled the wear lines up with the metal inserts on the head gasket anyone else had or seen this before.
only other thing is ONE rocker shaft is scored and other 3 perfect
but its looking very good
nipping out tomorrow to borrow a set of spanners to remove crank nuts etc and typical I now remember I posted my rotor removal tool out and never got it back so please return if you read this as I need it

I got a set of new Gilardoni barrels and pistons for my Le-Mans about ten years ago and I found that the pushrod tunnels had to be relieved a touch with a file as the push-rods were just rubbing. I didn’t have to take a lot off but they certainly showed wear similar to what you describe.

I filed mine down on the older V1000 engine I have a rotor removal tool you can Borrow Ray

I can drop it in tomorrow as off to Northants to see Nick

that’s interesting as these are the same barrels will have a closer look tomorrow at the barrels to see if anything polished down the pushrod tunnels


It really is in the detail putting it back together mate, sometimes copper head gaskets were used that needed re shaping a bit

this had got the standard fibre ones with the steel edgings, not had time to look today but will do tomorrow.
Another bit fell into place today as bought a cali bottom rail and stand so not got to worry about it falling over


Well the rest of the engine is now in bits all i can say is if you want a job done right do it yourself Engine sump plug I will stop the bloody thing drippingCome to undo the timing cover screws the right side were ridiculously tight when i got the cover off i noticed the tensioner spring was over the casing thought it may of just popped over when the cover came off but moved it to find it was trapped between the mounting facesNo wonder they had been done up tight to stop the gasket leaking and finally yes it has to be sealed but there are better materials , one of the lower bolt holes that hold the large flange main bearing in placeSome people should not be allowed to pick up a spanner in their lifetime
Ex smokingbiker2013-08-26 13:33:47