'Racer pattern' Gear-change.

I always have a ‘Racer pattern’ Gear-change (1-up~4/5-down) on my Bikes, where possible.
On most Bikes it’s simply a case of flipping the Gearbox lever over, or fitting a Lever ‘rearwards’ on the Shaft, but obviously that’s not an option on Guzzis.
Had to do a bit more work . . .

Pivot fitting is an old Handlebar clamp top-half, machined down a little (width and height), with a machined pivot-piece bolted to it. Fitted two 6mm Rivnuts into the Frame for the mounting.
Bell-crank is made from 3/16" Alloy Plate, and has a Delrin Bush bonded into it.
Upper Link Rod is made from two cut-down Female Rod-ends, joined with a short length of Studding.
Lower one uses the original lower fitting, joined to the other Rod-end with 6mm Studding.
Also had to trim a little off the Starter Motor Cover for clearance.

 Will take more detailed pics of the parts soon (if anyone’s interested).
It works OK, but I want to flip the Bell-crank over, and make a longer lower link, to get the angles correct.

Tried out the new Gear-change today, loving it!
Feels much ‘tighter’ too for some reason, original set-up felt a bit ‘loose’.
 Pedal is a bit high, and there’s no more adjustment available as it is.
I have some new Ball-Joint Rod-ends coming soon.

 Plan now is to flip the Bell-crank over, and lengthen the lower rod slightly.
Will probably make up another lower-profile Pivot assembly as well.Â

Finished my Gear-change Link tonight, final version (FLW!). Machined from 5/16" T6 Hex Bar, L & R/H threads on the ends to fit the Ball-Joints.
Just need an M6 L/H Nut now to lock the upper B-J.

Doc from what little I know about Guzzi gearchange links (sensitive to improper adjustment, capable of expensive engine-out internal damage) I tip my hat to your careful and dextrous spannering.
And thanks for the journal write-up *

Thanks (I think!)

Not heard of any inherent Gearbox problems on Guzzis, maybe on older models?Â