Re. A&D Motorcycles, Denbeigh, North Wales

Has anyone here any Guzzi related experience of using this dealer for servicing? I ask as I’m thinking of taking my Stelvio there for its next service.



Few years ago now, an aquaintence had a bad do, but the was 7 years back, so perhaps unfair to consider alone.

I’m interested to know about this also as there are precious few Guzzi main dealers in Wales… I have heard a few good things about Strefford’s in Worcester but they gave up Guzzi… just some useful experience there I’m told. Haven’t used them. Or there is Fowlers in Bristol.

I would recommend Nigel t NBS at Stafford
or Tony at tony Botto Motorcycles Didcot, he has sorted my Guzzi out and really knows his stuff, also sorted my Nephews V7 special out when it started leaking
prices are very reasonable too
Streffords will still service you Guzzi I believe