Re-registration of rejected bike

Does anyone know if it is possible for a motorcycle that has been sold and subsequently rejected to be re-registered so that the V5 does not reveal its former history?

Do you think thats what has been done with yours?

I dont know but I guess a VIN check would be the way to go. There are sites which do checks - just found one called carguide but Ive not used it nor do I know if it covers m/cycles.

Put it like this…the question didn’t exactly pop out of thin air…


If it was, it would be illegal. A V5 is locked to a specific vehicle for the life of that vehicle. If it was scrapped or rendered uneconomic to repair by an insurer it would be noted on documentation.

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Not quite what the question was. I was asking was if it was possible to re-register a previously supplied vehicle so that the fact that it had already been sold once was no longer apparent…

What happens when a vehicle is sold, registered and the sale falls through?

I genuinely don’t know…but I would like to, one way or the other…

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Does this help:

From a quick scan it appears that a Dealer can de-register a vehicle however it has to be done within seven days.


Thank you for this…so it IS possible.

We will see what happens next…


Also the vehicle cannot have been used by the original registered entity according to the form. Honestly didn’t know this was possible so learnt something new.

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Interesting topic. I can see the appeal for a dealer.
Have heard of it happening and it didn’t end well for the dealer.

if you do a check on the DVLA website, it will show when the last logbook was issued