Re siting Givi luggage

After having the Givi racks and top plate on the ol’ V thou for…ohhhh 15+ years I have never been really happy with the way it all sat.

Due to the top plate being fitted to the wing racks I felt that the bags sat higher and further back than they really should.

After looking at the Big red Mario Columbo’s Guzzi book and studying the pics of all the calis from T3 upwards I realised GUZZI when they fitted Givi luggage actually fitted a top plate to a chrome rack and did NOT ust the “wing” fitments from the side racks to the top plate.

Ahaa thinks I a project before the Spring. I also noticed fully loaded once you get up towards the 70 ISH there happens a slight weaving… hmmm

SO got a day off and got some flat bar and set to work. not too bad moved the side racks down and forward, got Annie to sit on the back to make sure she did not hit the bags once on the racks.

Made a spacer and fitted back the top plate. all done… looks better too… drilling, cutting, grinding and filing all done and then tore it down to “send to paint”… one coat of satin black and should be all back together before Sunday. I will get pics …but it kinda shows no matter HOW long you have a bike and how many miles there can always be something to put right…

How far did you move it forward ?
see you and Johnno in the morning at work from 9:00

Gosh hard to say as I did it mainly by eye as i wanted it to look as though it should be thereIt has basically moved down and forward possibly a few inches thats all but looks about where Guzzi put it on the Cali 2 and 3 as the V1000 oem stuff is awful really same as the T3 "Fag packet boxes that leak like billy oh. I did have Cali 2 boxes on it for years but they got damaged at Calais and the Ins Claim paid for the upgraded OEM luggage which back then was GIVI

A fifteen year roundtuit, is that classed as a classic roundtuit

Weeeel i like to PLAN things properly y see…lol in truth it was what it was, and has done fine but having looked at some info I figured it was time to have a look at it…

That is a top-notch roundtuit sure enuff You reminded me I had noticed from way back how Givi panniers seem very high. Mind you depends what bike it’s on of course, not much choice if has upswept silencers and naff all ‘bodywork’ around the back end to work with.

This is the pannier frame to take Givis we are currently making to fit a 750 Breva for Mr Dunmore. Not quite finished a bit more welding and the indicator brackets to fit and get powder coated.We will be taking orders soon.Regards Keith

8 Valve Eagle2013-03-09 19:49:35

Mine are the allloy wing racks BUT when I looked at pictures the Guzzi mounted Givis EVEN using the Mk 1 or 2 wing racks mount the pannier bags separate to the top box and MOST do not have the top box but a steel black OR chromed rack similar to that you are making NOT sure if it was a separate item.

I did have a chrome rack on the V1000 many yrs ago and the Guzzi fitments for the Cali 2 bags those fitments were the chrome oblong ones similar to that you show, However they DID crack the frames twice got them brazed up at Shaftesbury that small garage as you walked to Town