Reaction rod bushes V1200

Hi there,
I’ve got a rattling reaction rod attached to the CARC, slightly loose at both ends although the bolts are fully tightened, so I expect the bushes are worn (at 28,000 !). Someone mentioned in this forum that there was an article about fitting replacement/upgrade bushes in one of the Gambalunga editions from 2015. Does anyone know which one? Or does anyone have any advice for fixing this.

There are replacement rubber lined bushes available, last I heard Corsa Italiana had them in stock.

yes I put that in gamballunga on advice from Paul at corsa that the newer rubber lined bush at the front has more travel than the original plastic lined bush and it certainly cut down the clank on throttle on/off. Editor Roger has done the same

here is my email to him with all info

Yes Roger,

Paul supplied the later bush for the front of the torque arm . he said the bush was changed about 2014 but you can identify by taking out the bolt. The earlier bush was clear or whitish plastic only about 1mm thick so could go metal to metal with very small deflection. The later bush is black rubber and maybe 3mm thick so has more resilience. The invoice says “ stock code 883045 – silent block Breva 1100 mod torque arm bush – price £12.41 +vat. I then had to pay to get the old on pressed out and replaced.This certainly reduced the shock and clanking but it is still a bit jerky when closing the throttle.
The other mod I did was to lower the rear suspension to make waddling around easier with my short legs and I can supply drawing of the modified bell crank for this if you have similar need

Pete B

I replaced the front bush but didn’t get round the rear bush yet. You’ll need a decent vice and some spacers when you press out the old bush - and make sure you don’t bend the torque arm.

I had an Italian bike mechanic, who’d immigrated recently to Oz, do the front bush on my Breva 1100. He was unable to press out the bush and had to heat up the arm.

It made a significant improvement to starting off in first gear.