Rear axle bolt.


I had my Lemans MK1 wheels blasted and powder coated and had new bearings fitted all done at a good reputation workshop.
On fitting the wheel I noticed that the axel bolt that used to show the full hole at the pinch side showed half the hole meaning the bolt was going too far in and making the calliper carrier not fitting into the lug also there was more thread showing at the nut end, any ideas what is fitted wrongly? I think there is something missing from the bevel box but the bike stayed with me and only the wheels went away.
Any help or advice would be great.

Dave Hough.

Has a spacer been missed out?

I thought that but according to the parts drawings its all there also it all lines up and fits with no gaps apart from the bolt going too far in and throwing out the carrier.

Thanks anyway,

Not familiar with the Le-Mans 1 set up, but it is likely to be similar to my Spada of the same era. My spindle has a shoulder that butts up against the left side wheel bearing. The caliper plate sits on the fatter part of the spindle.
The parts book is available in the Guzzitek if you need one.

Thank you I’ll have a look at Guzzitek.