Rear brake lever sticking ( Breva 750)

Hi, advice needed on adjusting the rear brake lever on a Breva 750. When pressed and released it sometimes doesn’t return to it’s original position, it is about 3mm - 5mm short, therefore causing the rear brake light to stay permanently bright as though the brake is still on.

I am not sure if the rear lever is spring loaded or has another mechanism. Please advise if it adjustable and how to bring it back to it’s original position than being short.

Thank you.

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Just guessing but suspect the pivot might be seizing up - has happened on other bikes. Remove pedal and have a look, clean, grease etc.

Should be a separate spring to pull it up but again only guessing.

Cheers :+1:

also worth doing
bleed the brake fluid through, that can cause a sticking piston
people seem to think it lasts forever, but once brake fluid degrades the seals begin to fail

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I tried all sorts with mine, and only changing out the master cylinder resolved.