Rear brake sticking - V11

I saw somebody else with this problem a while ago but can’t track down the thread: when I wheel the V11 backwards, I get a slight groaning noise from the rear brake - I think the pistons are sticking a bit. Is it a question of stripping down the caliper and copper-slipping the pistons or is there a tweak I can do without having to strip and bleed the claiper?Cheers

First thing I would do is remove the pads, and check if you can push each piston away from the disc.
Brian UK2014-03-17 23:46:12

It just needs cleaning. Brake cleaner and a small as you can find toothbrush. I do it first with detergent but others will tell you it causes corrosion tho it has never been a problem for me.
Clean before pushing back the pistons or you risk damaging the seals, after, use a smear of copper grease.

Before pushing the pistons back pump them out a bit. Then clean them. You can isolate the pistons by holding them in place with a clamp etc

xtheone&onlymin2014-03-18 07:26:46

If you really want to clean them, you have to remove the outer rubber seals first, assuming they are fitted.

They all do that sir, a clean and possibly new pads the rear brake caliper is very small and in a place where the crud hits it, I clean mine every 6-10 months depending on the weather.

Also CHECK when you do ever remove the rear wheel on the bearings and spacer they did use an incorrect spacer on some and the result is they eat rear wheel bearings every 15-18,000 miles,

It would help if I could get the flaming caliper off! I’m going up to Streffords next week - I’ll ask them to loosen the bolts

Once they do make sure you do a clean up regular loike

I will! I’ll put into my on-line digital calendar with multiple reminder mode and remote alert facility. Or just make a mental note ‘October’

I do it just prior to MOT then the end of September as the MOT’s are all end March

Could be just the pads vibrating. Can tend to wear more on the leading edge, so if you turn wheel backwards the prouder trailing edge bites more and so the pad ‘chatters’. My rear disc does this if I turn the wheel by hand, at specific positions due to varying disc thickness, especially if gone rusty, never been a problem though. Assuming brake works properly wouldn’t worry about it.

V11’s are totally different discs and pads to the older bikes, the V11 sport and le mans has the caliper and pads under the swing arm at 6 o’clock smaller than the front 4 piston caliper.

They DO tend to make a noise when pushing the bike back BUT they also tend to get alot more gunge on them and WILL freeze in if they are not checked and cleaned regularly

Take no notice of moi I iz torking rowlocks again

I am lucky enough to have the V11 and the old V1000 so can compare similarities and differences.

V11 rear master cylinders often do not fully return so not allowing the port in the cylinder to be open and cause pressure in the line especially when hot .

When replacing pads I always use Ferodo ones the Brembo ones are not brill on the V1000 I have had them come away from the backing on the V11 had then stick and cause silly problems no idea why