rear crank seal

After a bit of advice, currently struggling to stop a leak from the rear crank seal area. Changed the seal ( didn’t look like it needed it ) and being a bit lazy didn’t do the gasket, leak still there. Fitted new gaskets on bearing housing and breather tube and used some liquid gasket with the paper one as recommended on an American site, leak even worse! In the past I have always fitted paper gaskets with a thin film of grease and they have been fine, that is the next plan. Any top tips appreciated?

The oil seal on the rear of the crank has been updated and you can later ones now with more contact ridges. Paper gaskets I always use only grease. Liquid gasket I am wary of as bits of it can get detached and roam around your engine potentially blocking oil ways.

Is it definitely engine oil and not gearbox oil?
Guzziology says to clean up the land on the crankshaft to allow the seal to run on a good surface. He recommends Scotchbrite I think.

Sound advice, thanks chaps

I have not done this job myself but was told that the seal has to be pushed in by a certain amount and not just so that it is flush with the face of the carrier. If not, the lips of the seal do not run on the correct portion of the crankshaft and so do not seal correctly.
For what it’s worth…"

Had a G5 that would not stop leaking, was told to try 2 oil seals together, (they will fit), stemmed the flow for a while then it re-started. Sold the bike to a friend who was a marine engineer, he found the crank shaft had a low spot, approx 0.3mm, where the seal ran, he had to stone grind the crank and fit an oversized seal. Has never leaked since.

I was going to say, what if there was a groove, that’s probably what the “don’t push it in all the way” is about. Of course that only works providing it hasn’t been repaired that way before and worn a groove in that position as well!

I have a neat trick for you I got a 1400 a couple of years ago after its 6000 ml service the seal started leaking got a old t3 filler cap drilled it put a large breather pipe on for a few thousand miles with less crank pressure it cured its self I took the breather pipe and brass filler off and touch wood no more leak plus praying to the gods of guzzi helps .