Rear Lights

Having moved the rear rack etc the ORG rear light is almost hidden, something that happens to many bikes especially with full luggage or top box fitted. In heavy traffic NO truck/van or 4x4 is gonna see the rear lights.

Yrs ago I fitted a high level fog light as a brake light, I recently bought a led tail/stop from e-bay that went into the same for light fitting so I now have a high tail/stop light, along with led bulbs in the org one …more lights less amps …

However Annie also saw the following, for remote fitting to a lid and it has stop/tail and indicators

Sooo the remote wired under the seat and the light fitted to a top box, …Waiting for the parts to arrive I may even take a picture

Christmas tree next?

Yeah whatever!!!

In South Africa some bikes had very very bright orange headlights, very distinctive and you could spot them for miles!

I have a sodium one on the mudguard as a daytime running light, in the UK any other than white or the sodium is technically illegal.

I have been told by many that you can see the running light from some distance, it has no beam, it is essentially a floodlight but very small so it shows up.