Rear number plate and indicators problem

My Cali 1100i has a plastic plate onto which the indicators mount - but not very well!One is already hanging off and the other is not much better.Repairing a plastic part which will only break again seems like a mugs’ game to me.Can anyone suggest a metal version off another Guzzi which might fit, please?Or someone who can make and weld a metal version for me from scratch without it costing an arm and a leg?

Velton2014-08-24 23:32:09

Do you have a photo of it?

I might be able to do it in GRP.

That’s an interesting thought.How strong would it be?I struggle unsuccessfully with photos on Photobucket etc. so sorry, no photos to post.Have you already done something similar?Maybe a photo of that would be possible?

I re-made every single body panel on this bike and also made GRP mudguards to replace the steel ones.

I have made a wide selection of bike and car parts in GRP and also written a book on GRP techniques.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you whether I can re-make your part without at least seeing a photo of it.

Wow!That is really impressive.I’ve seen a Cali in London with a similar fairing, looks fabulous.Did you make the rear number plate mount for that bike?

I had the same problem but fixed it for good.Remove the number plate and then you can access a panel that houses the cabling for the rear lighting/indicators.Once in there , you can insert a longer allen bolt through the indicator unit and secure it much better from within this open space with a large washer and locknut rather than the brass static fitting that just pulls out. 20 mins tops to do and mine has never budged again in 2 years and the bike still looks absolutely standard.

My number plate mount was fine. I didn’t need to replace it but I’m not sure that it’s the same as the one on a naked Cali III

Yeh respek ...