Rear rack for V9 Roamer

My V9 Roamer (2018) is the sort with the longer seat. It already has side panniers fitted. I’m looking for a rear rack that would be suitable for attaching a Givi Monolock base. I like the look of the Spaan racks but the dealer photos always show them fitted to the V9 with the shorter seat.

This Hepco & Becker one is specially-made for the longer-saddle version of the V9 but it’s expensive and I’m not sure it will be compatible with the existing pannier holders. Has anyone tried this already? Can any other riders recommend a good make/supplier?

If you are fitting a Givi topbox, then a H&B is unlikely to work

Apologies for bluntness.

Yes, it’s a Givi topbox and I have the Monolock base for it. I had no problem fitting the Givi Monolock base to a similar, tubular-steel rear rack on my old bike. But if H&B is likely to be problematic, is there a make you would recommend?

not sure if this is suitable (would need to find somewhere a bit more local though)

Givi SR8202 Specific Rack for Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber / Roamer (2017-current) | Accessories International (

The question would be - will it fit around your existing pannier setup

Thanks Brian.
Yes, that one does look quite stylish. My Givi baseplate will definitely fit. My other question is whether it will fit behind a V9 with a longer seat? I’ll check the Givi website, anyhow.