Rear wheel bearings.

After having an MoT advisory stating slight axial play in the rear wheel bearings last year, I promptly replaced them despite them only being a few years old.
After covering a mere two thousand miles the bike was Mot’d again yesterday. Imagine my surprise when slight play was found again, another advisory. I checked this with the mechanic and the play is so slight and imperceptible it can only just be felt when resting a finger between the wheel and drivebox flange.
Now I can’t accuse the garage of being over picky, they must do hundreds of MoTs, and he said because the play was so slight it wouldn’t matter if it had the same advisory every year.
Has anyone else had this problem, and if so is it possible to fit bearings with a closer ‘C’ clearance? The bearings fitted are good quality and from a local bearing supplier.

Must admit my general rule is to ignore advisories. There are obvious exceptions but I would always discuss with the tester to see what they really think. My Triumph has had out of line wheels for the last 10 years, advisory on every MoT and never a problem!

On the same bike I was told 3 years ago by a garage that the chain was worn out and needed replacing. 16,000 miles later and I am now planning to replace it.

Gotta make your own mind up sometimes.


I’m tempted to do the same Jim, ignore the advisory. But I can’t help but think if the worst happened and there was a big third party insurance claim, a loss adjuster would take a dim view of a repeated advisory that wasn’t acted upon, even though it may be irrelevant to the claim.

Never thought of that I must admit