Rear Wheel Off!

So, I’ve removed the boxes, frames and wrestled the back wheel off the T3 Cali in order to get a new tyre. Is there any maintenance to be done whilst the back is partly dismantled?

Thanks in advance.

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sure. how much time you got?

how about… clean the swing arm

and/or get in there and clean/lube the clutch operating arm

and/or get in there and clean/lube the gear change linkages

and/or make and fit a plastic flap to protect the clutch / gearchange linkage area from more cruddage

and/or drink beer/tea and make a list for next time?

edit: oh, wait: clean the caliper. and have a look at the caliper mounting bracket - gosh, wouldn’t that look better cleaned and painted?

bah. just refit the wheel and ride it. it’s nearly spring. next time, eh?


Clean and grease the shaft coupling and splines and the rear wheel to bevel box splines.
Take a look at the shock absorber rubbers in the rear hub, make sure they are okay.


Great ideas - thanks, chaps :+1:

Blimey,looks like I shall be doing all that at some point before my Scottish trip.:crazy_face:

Why not clean underside of rear mudguard and treat with stonechip/underseal. Could save you some grief long term.

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Am liking that one - great suggestion :+1:

What about changing the oil in the drive box? I don’t know if it’s like a loop, but it’s much easier on those with the wheel out and avoids the oil running onto the wheel rim and tyre.

Cheers - I’ll have a look and see what state the existing oil is in. It was supposed to have been changed just before I recently bought it :+1:

For the cost of oil*, i’d personally ignore that, and take the opportunity to get a known quantity (the right quantity) of the right oil into the right places.

*vs the potential cost of discovering that wasn’t entirely true


I made a funnel from a plastic bottle with base removed to re-direct oil. A used 1L gear oil container with spout works best. Gaffa tape holds it in place so I don’t get bored.

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I forgot to reply to this.

When I actually got round to changing the oils I found that the final drive had less than 100ml ( of the required 250ml) of oil in it!

It just goes to show; ya just can’t take NUFFINK for granted - good call :+1: