Hi I am soon going to be in the position to put back together my 1979 MG V50 in the style of a cafe racer. I would like to consider some rearset footpegs but have not been able to find anything online that are a ‘bolt on’ replacement. Anyone have any ideas? Will I have to cut the mounting lugs from the frame for the existing footpegs and make major modifications? Many thanks
cafe racer2013-08-12 12:19:44

Few ideas on a home made jobby from another forum here

that is one type of solution, an original one at that. the biggest issue is that a typical footpeg would screw into a frame mount, but with the Guzzi the footpeg mounts between two lugs that stick out from the frame. I want to avoid as much as possible a major remanufacture of this part of the racer2013-08-12 14:58:03