Rebore advice

Can anybody recommend a reliable company for rebores? Ideally in the midlands but would travel further if needed

Thanks in advance


I used P J Motorcycle Engineers in Wednesfield for my little Ducati. I sent them the barrel and new piston so they could get the clearance right.
Aren’t most Guzzi barrels plated, therefore not suitable for rebore?

I used Automotive services in Northampton for my Stornello, they did a great job.
What are you looking to get rebored? As mentioned above, most Guzzi’s can’t be rebored, they don’t produce oversize pistons for the V twins.

Thanks for the help guys and both are within striking distance of me (Leicester) so I’ll check out both. Actually it’s for my Yamaha XT500 where I’m doing a top end refresh with a +1mm piston. Interesting input ref my 1978 T3 as I thought it was only later bikes with plated barrels. So I guess it’s a re-sleeve if I want to fit new pistons there? - every day’s a school day…

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My understanding is that earlier V-twins had chrome-plated barrels, and changed to Nikasil in the mid-70’s. The Spada 950cc engine and others with 88mm bores had iron liners, and possibly some Le Mans too. Spada barrels can be re-bored and there are oversize pistons listed, but they are impossible to find nowadays.
I believe small-block V-twins were always Nikasil.
I had my 1972 loop-frame barrels stripped of their chrome and re-plated with Nikasil by Langcourt Engineering. The pistons were good enough to re-use with new rings so it worked out a bit cheaper than Gilardoni replacements.


I have had several sets of barrels done by Langcourt.

In both cases for race engines with bespoke race pistons with very close tolerances.

They offer a range of services for damaged and worn out barrels.

Suggest you give them a call. Unfortunately can’t remember the name of the chap I spoke with, but helpful and knowledgeable.

I sent pistons with the barrels so they could be matched.

Work took a little less time than quoted - maybe 10 days.

Proof of workmanship is that both engines have received racing abuse and so far no issues.

Would be my choice.


SEP (Service Exchange Parts) in Kegworth, just south of Nottingham. I’ve used them several times for various types of job, and they’ve always been good.

I did hear that SEP had closed down. Their website is not working.

Thanks Don-Spada
Took my barrel, head and new piston down to these guys yesterday. Seemed to be ‘old school’ and really know their stuff and Simon gave me some free time and advice on my valve guides and seats. They offer a lot of other services for classic cars and bikes and will be aquablasting the barrel and head for me as well after the rebore. I’ll post here on how it goes when I get the bits back in a couple of weeks.

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Yes definitely closed now as this was the place I was first recommended.