Recomendations stelvio rear shock replac

I intend to replace the standard Sachs rear shock on my 2010 Stelvio NTX this winter for a better quality item. cost is not the major issue what I want is quality thinking of WP or ohlins . but am open to suggestions of other good makes .What I do want is remote adjustment for preload and rebound damping. quite happy to fit it myself but It will need to be custom built with a heaver rate spring than standard as the original has sagged so who would you recommend
Thanks in advance regards Keith 8 Valve Eagle2013-09-09 07:25:03

From my experience with shox I would give Hagon a look IF they do them for that bike

My own 2010 Stelvio came fitted with a Hagon rear shock. I find it very firm indeed. No remote pre-load etc though.

I think Hagon do a shock with the remote pre load, I may get one myself this winter.

If you have plenty of money to spend look at this from Nitron,

I did in fact go to nitron and had them custom make me a shock in October last year and very nice it is to.