Recommendations please - battery for V7 II Special

As per the title…

I know this topic will have come up before, but I tried searching and couldn’t find the answer I was looking for.

On my old V7 Classic I had a problem with the battery draining and fitted a new one - a Moto Batt MBTX14AU - which certainly seemed to do the job.

Now I have the same problem with my V7 II Special - but the recommended battery from Moto Batt seems to be a lower spec - the MBTX12U.

So, is that right? Or are they interchangeable?

Is there a better one I should look to buy?

Any help gratefully received!


Hi Jim, I too have a 2015 V7II … and the battery has always needed a charge after a period of inactivity … ( about a month) … In April of this year, I took the original, ( failing), battery to my preferred battery shop… They diagnosed two dead cells … and supplied a Lucas replacement… YTX14-BS AGM … (Motorcycle) … very reasonable, at 4 pence short of £36 … also very reasonable, was the advice to keep the bike on a trickle charge, during its many periods of inactivity … Use it, or lose it I suppose !! … I don’t know if they would do mail order, but if you want their number, PM me … Regards, Tony

I have been running an Aliant 3 years now on my Breva 750. They are light and compact, so allows for storage space in the battery compartment for bulbs and puncture kit or first aid kit.

I, too, replaced the battery on my V7 Classic with a MotoBatt MBTX14AU. Fortunately I haven’t had to replace the battery yet on my V7 ii Special. However, I have checked out what might be needed.

The MBTX14AU can’t be used as it is the wrong size for the V7 ii Special.

The MBTX12U will fit. It is slightly smaller, height wise, than the standard YTX14-BS , but produces the same CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) of 200. MotoBatt state that this is the replacement for the YTX14-BS. It looks as if the MBYZ16H will fit. It is a bit heavier than the MBTX12U, but produces more CCA at 240.

But all that is old technology. When the time comes, I shall replace it with a LiFePO4 battery - NOT Li-Ion, as I do not want to take the remotest risk that the battery catches fire beneath my seat, and underneath the petrol tank ! :astonished:

The MotoBatt LiFePO4 replacement for the MBTX12U seems to be the MPLX16U-P. It weighs just under 1k, a saving of 3.4k, produces a CCA of 370 and is slightly smaller, height wise. The downside is going to be cost at just over £100 on eBay. Or it could be the MPLX12U-HP which only seems to show on the US site, but is available on eBay. A bit confusing. Currently it is my choice - slightly lighter again and producing a CCA of 280

The other downside of a LifePO4 battery appears that, whilst it can be used below freezing point, it should not be charged below freezing point as it can be damaged. This could be a problem because as soon as the bike is started it will start to charge. This will not be a problem as far as I am concerned, as I do not go out when the temperature is anywhere near approaching zero; but it could be a problem for the hardened biker who has to commute year round. A check on the charging characteristics should be investigated. It also needs a special LiFePO4 wall charger.

Have a look at:

There are other LiFePO4 batteries. Cabernet refers to the use of an Aliant. I have referred to the MotoBatt as I like the yellow casing. How shallow!!

Please do your own research. Mine is not definitive, and is theory not practice.

-1 for motoblatt,
Bought 2 (one for each Bike), first one failed after 3 month’s, supplier replaced duff unit, no problem…
Only for it to go duff again… :open_mouth:
Binned it , second one failed soon after …? also binned.
Westco replacements ok :sunglasses:

Hi again,

I have just checked what I have actually got fitted on my II Special - it’s a Yuasa ytx14-bs.

I also happen to have a Yuasa smart charger from a previous bike I had a few years ago.

So, any comments on how good Yuasa batteries are, if I just replace like for like?

Would I be able to charge the LifePO4 battery with this smart charger, bearing in mind the problem trying to charge it sub-zero?


You will need a LiFePO4 charger for a LiFePO4 battery. I suppose this is one of the other downsides to changing to a different technology.

A lead acid smart charger has special charging and recovery cycles designed for a lead acid battery. This makes such a charger unsuitable for a LiFePO4 battery.

I have seen some smart charges that have different settings for lead acid, LiFePO4, Li-ion. etc.

If your smart charger is for a lead acid battery, then no, do not charge a LiFePO4 battery with it.

OK I’ve bought and fitted a Motobatt MBTX12U as it is suggested as a direct replacement for the YTX14 standard, and it is compatible with my Yuasa smart charger.

Seems to be doing the job nicely.


That is good news. Well done !