Recommended mechanic in Lancashire/Manchester

hi, my 2014 griso 8v has just started blowing the starter fuses, I’ve had it 2 months and done about 500 miles on it, it had 3100 miles on it when I bought it and if it’s left for more than a day or two without being run it goes on the CTEK charger.
I’ve checked the battery connections and connections to the starter and all are tight. First time it happened the RAC bypassed something to get it going and it got me home, yesterday it blew a 15 amp, then a 20 amp but then started on another 15 amp.
Can anyone recommend a mechanic in the Lancashire/Manchester area to do the wiring modification and give it a check over as I love the bike and want to get this sorted?
Rocket Centre in Blackburn have stopped selling Guzzi’s so not sure how interested/competent they are going to be in sorting this out?
Any help greatlfully accepted!

This is not at all unheard of, but can’t remember what the reason / cure is.

Towzatronics, he will travel to you and is highly recommended.
Guzzi owner, club member and despite that is good.

Thanks for that, appreciate your response, I have left a message on his voicemail, so hopefully he will be in touch soon.
However is there no-one in Lancashire or Greater Manchester who people trust to take care of their machines?
There surely must be someone over this way?

Paul Harris recommended Norman Strefford of Strefford’s Motorcycles in Worcester as the best bloke he knows for dealing with modern Guzzi electrics.
Just remember some of the Scottish members are lucky to have a dealer within 200 miles.
Good luck.
Pass on my best if you take this up as Norman gave me some good advice over the phone.

May be worth a look here;

All the manuals are available on line and the Guzzi wiring isn’t so different from any other automotive application.

Good luck

The good news is that it’s an electrical problem more than a Guzzi problem.
Guzzi electrics aren’t beyond the scope of a decent auto-electrician and the manuals are all available online.
here’s a starter
Good luck

This problem has been written about before on this forum. Not sure the topic(s) still exist tho.

Struggling to remember but IIRC it’s something like the starter motor solenoid will blow the fuse if energised for too long, as the winding wire is so thick it’s like a virtual short-circuit, but what’s supposed to happen is it’s switched out when it closes the contacts to run the actual motor. However if said contacts don’t make properly that may leave the solenoid heavy winding in circuit and thus blow the fuse.

Some ideas here. :bulb: :nerd:

Good luck

M W Motorcycles in Hyde.
Top pair of guys.
Does run of the mill Japs, but finds the challenge of exotica and classic racer rebuilds. And I have seen some exotica in there.