Red fuel pump elbow, CARC models.

Should anyone have the misfortune to break one of these while attempting to release the coupling, the only normal repair is a new pump assembly.
But some enterprising fellow in the US has managed a proper repair.
Don’t know if these parts are available in the UK.

Gutibits now sell the this red elbow

I repaired an internal fuel pump from a 2007 California recently, which has the same fragile plastic spigot / elbow as the CARC models, later Brevas, V11s and Nevadas. You will probably find that the old broken plastic spigot will not easily be removed from the pump due to the fact it has a toothed metal washer which grips into the body of the pump base. I cut away the remnants of the broken plastic nozzle end, leaving just the main body of the knackered spigot in situ. I then drilled out the remnants of the spigot, taking care not to damage the pump base itself. After cleaning the drilled plastic residue from the pump base, the new spigot will push in only half way by hand, and will need very gentle tapping with a small rubber mallet to ease the remainder fully inside the pump base. This will all take about half and hour and much cheaper than buying a new fuel pump.
Guzzirider2012-11-14 07:33:02