Reflashing an ECU

Hi,I have seen on a few sites that many Griso owners are giving their ECU a reflash, now to save me the expense of sending it to the US is there anyone in the UK that can offer this service? and any of them be recommended.Thanks Eddie.

Try Carl Harrison motorcycles in Harleston.

Track Electronics in Norwich can also reflash/remap on a rolling road.

BSD in Peterborough.

Sorry to sound a bit dim, but what does “reflashing” the ECU do?

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If its anything like the reaction I got in Aldi when I tried on their motorbike trousers and I bent over to remove them, and apparently I re flashed all those mums, it’s not good, I called it a Mother’s Day bonus

I’m guessing, changing its fuelling map

Was about to get mine reflashed till I cam across this At less than a third of the price it should be arriving this week. Take a look at the riders reports.

Sorry try this

Never been a great fan of ‘piggyback’ devices myself.knowledgable modifying of the vehicle’s existing ECU programming, (or installing a compatible aftermarket EMS), is always a better option - that’s IMO - YMMV of course.

S’ok but on the V11 le mans these gismo’s do NOT work…got that from Dave hisself after he offered me one to pop on the V11 to try it out. Seems to do a job on the newer 8 v bikes tho’ by all accounts.

If you haven’t already seen it,you may be interested in this thread:

Guzzidiag software, reader, writer and use tunerpro to edit.

Yes, you can do a lot with ducati/guzzidiag.

At the moment Guzzidiag is not ready for changing maps on CARC (5AM ECU) Guzzis but will reset the TPS and run diagnostics, not bad for free.
Ducatidiag is working but you need to pay 100 euros for the uploader to change your map. I don’t know of any ‘performance’ maps available for Guzzis so the best you could do is update to the latest map from someone else’s bike. This could be done at a dealer of course with no risk.
The Ducatidiag uploader will also let you switch off the lambda to go permanent open loop, I’m not sure what benefits this will bring unless you want to fit a Power Commander or some further tuning work using a Rexxer module for example.
For some reason Dynojet do not switch off the lambda with the Power Commander V (PCV) but supply a Optimiser for the closed loop mapping. You would be just as well buying a Torque Pack from Finebau if you do not disable the lambda for the difference the PCV will make.

Guzzidiag will evolve and maybe some ‘performance’ maps will become available, but if they are from a Guzzitech mapped bike Todd the owner is claiming they are his intellectual property and will be monitoring the situation closely. Read into that what you like.DaveM2013-03-11 13:57:44

Given that the development and distribution of the Ducatidiag and Guzzidiag has been done FOC for the marque riding communities - donations aside - that might come back to bite him.Difficult to see how he could claim intellectual property rights if the mapping copied from a ‘Guzzitech mapped bike’ is ‘oh so slightly’ tweaked, isn’t it?

I think Todd can see where this is going and is firing a warning shot. Whether it will carry any weight in Germany where Guzzidiag is being developed I doubt very much. The Americans are quick to sue given a chance, but once the cork is out of the bottle he will be lucky to put it back in again.
Guzzitech charge $500 for a 5AM reflash then claim you also need a Power commander to go with it so people will always be looking at ways to do it cheaper and the web soon spreads the word.DaveM2013-03-11 15:03:55

Very true and once something becomes effectively ‘open source’ to any savvy online community you’d be on a hiding to nothing trying to keep the lid on it.Interesting if they do claim you also require a PowerCommader even after a reflash. It begs the question of do they know what they are doing with the mapping for the reflash then? If they can only get it in the ball park with the reflash mapping and are then relying on the expertise of a Dynojet dyno operator to do supplimentary PCV fine tuning - probably because the dyno guy wouldn’t have any experience of building mapping for the 5AM from scratch - then it doesn’t engender much confidence.Still early days yet and will be interesting to see if Paul can establish a ‘library’ of reflash maps.
guzzijack2013-03-12 08:23:38

The one thing that ducatidiag plus the uploader will do is load a map from say a Stelvio into a Breva, the Guzzi software will not do this.

Guzzidiag can upload IAW15 maps at the moment and Paul will hopefully be on the CARC 5AM case soon.
Not sure of the benefits of swapping standard maps from one model to another would be but you can with Guzzidiag if you want.
Has I wrote earlier the breakthrough will come when Guzzitech, Rexxer, stage 1 1200 Sport, etc. maps start showing up. This map sharing is already commonplace with Ducatis.
Just to clarify, the maps for the Norge, Breva 1200 and 1200 Sport two valvers have different numbers but are at the same state of tune so someone with a tuned Norge could share with a 1200 Sport/Breva owner once the software is in place. Yes you can do this already with Ducatidiag but it will cost 100 Euros for the uploader and I’m not yet convinced to want to try it.DaveM2013-03-12 16:53:05