reg/rec compatibility

A friend of mine is changing his engine, the dead engine has the saprissa alternator fitted, the good engine going in has the Ducati type alternator fitted, can the saprissa reg/rec be used with the Ducati alternator?

Or, swap the alternator?

Alternator swap was the first thought, Ducati type alt’ has parallel crank end saprissa+bosch tapered.
Would have thought with the saprissa and ducati alternator being brushless that the reg/rec would do the same job…

Hi Phil
May be worth checking part numbers/compatibility against the Electrex listings

Worst case could you fit it and measure output?
Good luck

Will check it out,
Thanks for the tips,

Goddamn never expected that. I’m guessing there’s no Ducati reg to go with it?

Sadly no ducati reg/rec,
(He’s trying to use what he has to keep the cost down)