Registering in the UK

When I bought my 1956 Cardellino in the UK it came with no papers except a bill of sale from the seller. I have since got a dating letter from the club. What would be the process of registering the bike in the UK and which DVLA forms would I need. The reason I am asking is that it is easier to import it into Denmark if it has a V5 from the UK. Registering it here without one is trickier than you can imagine. Steve

Registering and taxing the vehicle
You can apply for registration at your nearest DVLA local office. The application takes about a week. There is no ‘over the counter’ service.

Find your nearest DVLA local office

You will need to take the following documents to the DVLA local office (photocopies or faxed copies are not acceptable):

completed application form V55/4 (for new vehicles) or V55/5 (for used vehicles)
a £55 registration fee (if applicable) and the required fee for the vehicle tax (cheques or postal orders made payable to DVLA Swansea)
a current British certificate of insurance
foreign registration document and any other papers relating to the vehicle
evidence showing the date the vehicle was collected (normally the invoice from the supplier)
evidence of type approval
a current British MOT test certificate (if applicable)
the appropriate HM Revenue and Customs form
a ‘Declaration that a vehicle is new’ form V267 (if applicable), available for download or from a DVLA local office
documentation confirming your name and address (a list of acceptable identity documentation can be found on the link below)
Registering and taxing the vehicle won’t take place unless you have the necessary documentation. In some cases the DVLA local office may wish to see the vehicle to check its identity.

HM Revenue and Customs forms required to register an imported vehicle

How to register your vehicle – list of acceptable identity documents

Download ‘Declaration that a vehicle is new (V267)’ (PDF, 158K)

Help with PDF files

Looks like you would need the motorcycle here steve
is that feasible to bring it to the UK ?
you could use my address and details no problem
could pick you up from the ferry port and slip it in the mighty skoda tool mobile?

I also found that it helps if you include lots of photos of the bike when you submit all the paperwork including pics of frame and engine numbers. It’s not too daunting if you read the guidance notes and have everything in place.

Just so everyone knows the story of the Cardellino and that may help with some input. The bike is in Denmark with me. I bought it in the UK 2 years ago. There were no papers or registration plate with the vehicle. The story I was given by the seller is that he found the bike in a barn, about 20 years ago on Corsica, when he was on R&R with the British army. The seller of the bike told him it had not been running for about 15 years. The squaddie got the bike back to the UK but never got round to doing anything with it. I have a bill of sale from the seller and a dating letter from the club, that is it. The engine and frame number on the bike are the same. Russell has said I can use his address and I can get the bike over later in the year. We can use his name and address to register the bike. I should be able to download the V55/5 on the internet How do I MOT it without a registration number? How do I insure it without a registration number? What is type approval and how can I get it? We don`t need to worry about HM Customs as they will have no idea about where this bike has been. I would imagine it is tax exempt as it is from 1956. That is the bare bones of it so how do we proceed? Steve

As far as I remember, the MOT will use the frame number for identification and the insurer will issue a temporary certificate, (one month I think), until you are given an age related reg number. Very elegant wee bike. Nice job.

boabcomo2012-04-18 21:20:31

Type approval shouldn’t apply as that came in during the early 80’s I think so shouldn’t worry too much about that one.

we have a plan
watch this space ?
ps Steve when you arrive I have a book to present you with as a prize for doing this fine job I reckon its only the start !!

I registered my Stornello over here but is was some years ago now so can’t remember much. It has the original Italian logboook and I was very adamant when I gave all the paper work to the local DVLA office which was at Stanmore NW London, that it was a historical document that belonged with the bike and I wanted it back. Didn’t need a dating letter but did a translation myself of the logbook which they accepted! It all worked out ok an dthey gave me a nice age related plate. Still got the Italian plate too. italianmotor2012-04-20 08:54:28

I got your PMs Russell and the plan sounds good. Before we get to that stage I have still some work to do. The first thing is to get some fuel in it to see if I can get it running again. I then have to sort the electrics out so the lights and horn are working, useless as they are. I will not be able to get over until at least July because ´this is our busy season at work. I will do some more checking up and make sure that everything is in place before I come over. There must be a MOT station and DVLA somewhere near Harwich Russell? Steve

You may also have to show that it is not liable to UK VAT. Should be OK if you bought it here, and forget to mention it has been out of the country since (though Denmark is in the EU).
Unless you are going to take it on the road here, you may not need to insure or tax it.

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