Regular Meetings

The North East MotoGuzzi Branch meets at The Swan every second Tuesday of the month from about 7.30.
The Swan
Heddon on the Wall
NE15 0DR
The branch has regular run outs so contact Fred Robison for details, or come along to the meetings.

Contact Fred Robison 01661-853448

Does anyone attend these meetings in the North East?

Occasionally :+1:

Thanks for replying, might turn up myself sometime

The meetings are still well attended. Last one (8th Aug) had 15 keen bikers hoping for progress on running the branch. At 79 I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for riving around the countryside, though still like my bikes. It would be nice to meet you as the branch needs new (younger) blood
Safe biking---------Frob

Thanks for the reply and information :+1: I’ll try to get to the next one