Relays/fuses/wiring intermittent shorts!

Hi All – Seems I’m up S*!t street without a paddle with an intermittent short/open circuit in one (or 2+?) of the spade connectors in the “mini relay holder block” as described in the parts book? No info on what each relay does, only descriptions of the fuses.
Had a poke/clean around with electrical cleaning fluid etc & was “ok” for a while – now the trouble is back. The symptom is basically – click-click multiple times after which the starter finally kicks-in properly. (NEW starter already fitted plus new-ish/good battery)

So, does anyone have any info on which relay does what in the loom? I have loads of manuals etc but they only mention the damn fuses! Seems a lot of you Cali EV owners will be well familiar with this particular Achilles Heel of the EV?

Point is: – it seems that the main wiring harness of which the block is part of (!?) is no longer available except as a second-hand part off the likes of Gutsibits etc?

But before getting into that – I’d like to make sure that there’s not a simple (!?) fix like soldering new shape connectors etc to the existing loom/block? The thing that would be most useful in that department as far as I can see is some kind of picture with a description of what each relay’s function is meant to be?
So if anyone can supply a pic OR… a webpage link to where I can get this info would 110% appreciated all advice be most welcome. Thank you.

Have you had a look in the manual and wiring diagram?
Page 1309 in this link.

Hi Don - yes mate. That is… I have multiple choices of DVDs, W/S manuals, Printed parts lists/manuals.
But they ALL only show pictures of the fuse/relay block pointing only at the fuses, NOT what any of the relays are for. As regards to the wiring diagram - not really of any use either. A/ I get “word blind” after trying to trace circuits etc etc & besides… I’m pretty sure roughly where the problem lies… with corroded spade connectors in just about the majority of connectors in that block.
The only thing I can see to do from here is to pull the whole block out as far as possibly & work my way tediously thru them all one-by-one & either replace them or… pass the bike over to my local Guzzi Guru in Chichester & wait weeks (he’s “snowed under”!) So… Hobson’s choice it seems? Well, onwards & upwards Don? Cheers mate. :wink: (y)

There is a wiring diagram here by Carl Allison, beware sometimes the colours are not correct though, probably lost in translation from the Italian. I also have produced a colour wiring diagram myself for the EV and can supply you with a pdf copy via email or an A3 laminated copy in the post see here These are drawn by me from the original Guzzi diagrams and are a lot clearer than any others I have seen available.

Don’s link to the factory manual is good, but being able to compare what is on the bike with a colour diagram is light years ahead.

Best wishes

Thanks for that Chris! A beautifully enhanced wiring diagram it is too! However,… MY personal problem in this department is still the same: ie - relating ANY diagram to what I can see physically on the bike.
So, full circle back to my original question of “which relay in the fuse/relay block is doing what there in front of me”? Still none the wiser – sorry. So is there ANY way to identify what relay is doing what apart from going picture/word-blind with an electrical version of the London Underground map?
Mega frustrating. Somebody out there MUST know something about this set-up? Perhaps someone like our recalcitrant Baldrick – but I’m clean out of jelly Babies!!

Please send me a photo of the relays (or post it on here) with the colours of the wires visible and I will see what I can do. PM sent with my email address

Best wishes Chris

Chris - many thanks for your kind thoughts & offers to assist… however, sadly - because of my own personal circumstances in both health (Myeloma Cancer) & v.restricted living situation PLUS the fact that I cant find anyone within a reasonable distance from Southampton to take on the necessary remedial work until at least June (!?) I have very reluctantly come to the conclusion that to continue to try to maintain this bike & give it all the necessary service attention that it undoubtedly needs AND will continue to need - is already past my limited abilities & circumstances.

So I have come to the reluctant conclusion that “Chuggers” & I must part company.
With that, I will be putting it up for sale in an “as-is” condition & at a “best offer” takes it price. So I’ll be moving-on to something that will hopefully, be both within my physical, financial & living circumstances to afford to both run & maintain.
Not sure whether I can advertise it here somewhere or within the MGCGB Rag?
Thanks again Chris - John T. Guzzinuts. (y)

Hiya John. Just twigged it John T from facebook. Sorry to hear you are thinking of selling Chuggers, that’s your pride and joy.
If you want some help sorting out Chuugers problems, a topic came up today on the club page looking for a mechanic in your area and these two were suggested.
Ged at GCS 01202826045 ex 3x mechanic - Wimborne
Moto Corsa 01963 240572 or email

You can do both, email Roger at with details of the bike and he will put it in both. Unfortunately you have missed the copy date for the next issue of the mag so it would not appear until the July/August issue of the mag. Or you can post it yourself here on the forum in the bikes for sale section.

Best wishes Chris

Thanks again Chris, I will certainly do the latter as I’m desperate to put this all behind me & move-on, Cheers - John.