Relays V 50

Hi everyone

A few years back when I had my Cali 1100i I replaced all the relays from some chap in America, very cheap and very good. I think I got his details from the forum.

Trouble is that was probably nearly ten years ago and I can’t find any posts as I lapsed membership for a while.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction please. This time for a V50



From other forums come recommended Eastern Beaver in the States.

Pyro Dan in the USA .

The V!! relays were notoriously crap.
I have not heard the same for V50’s.
Halfords should do.
Use 40 amp ones as they are then all interchangeable with the start relay for fault finding.

Cheers everyone

Great info and don’t know why I never thought of halfords. Will give it a try



Dan Prunuske in the USA sells those mini relays and higher than standard spec. Although the Bosch ones sold through a dealer are alot better. If relay is normal size on a V50 series, then also try Vehicle Wiring Products near Derby. Great service and catalogue. Most local auto electrics places should be able to assist.

Hope this helps further?

Have to confess always a bit bemused when I read about folk replacing all their relays have never had any bother with any over quite a few years EXCEPT where terminals have got corroded, then they are not to be relied upon usually, even after much cleaning and scraping of said terminals. I did have one relay break a coil wire inside but that was entirely my fault for putting it in a stupid place where it was subjected to excessive vibration. Can’t remember any other failures.

Good point Mike.