Reluctant to turn over

I took my Cali 1400 Touring out just before Christmas it started up fine but I stopped on way home for fuel and when I came to start up it just turned over a little then nothing, I retried a number of times and finally it fired up.

The bike is kept on an optimate and shows as good, I’ve checked the terminals and they’re fine and it is firing up fine in the garage but I haven’t been out on it again yet.

Has anyone had similar problem?

I would be checking out the charging, only requires multimeter across battery terminals when bike is running to see if voltage increases as revs rise.
My 1200 Sport shows ok on the Optimate but the battery is actually knackered as it too will not start my bike so I`m waiting for weather to warm up before I renew it


How old is your Cali I had a similar problem after the Scotish Rally the bike was left out in open the whole rally it struggled to start several times the bike had turned five years old last year and I had never touched the the electrics I managed to get the bike home all I did was took out the relays cleaned and lubed them put them back in also spilt the handlebar switchgear cleaned and lubed them and so far no more problems you must also take the plastic cover for the starter motor its amazing how dirty the connections get hope it works out all the best Derek.

Well did you get your bike run we all want to know ?

May or may not help, I now use an Optimate but someone said to me don’t leave it connected and powered up all the time, only once a week for a few hours or until the lights go green. Then off. The theory is leaving it permanent can kill a battery same as permanently leaving it on a trickle charger.

My old griso back in 2010 the battery started to fail lack of use Mel told me a trick you use a car charger leave it charging for 24 hours the battery regains its memory and it did work this was a guzzi gell batery not acid filled .

We all want to know did you get this bike running if anybody knows this guy tell us I won’t start pm this guy it would be nice to find out that’s why we have this club to help each other isn’t it ?

Does not look like he has been on forum since 10th Jan :open_mouth:

I use an Optimate 4 and it is my understanding that they charge and discharge in a way that matches normal use and that as the charge in so monitored and changed that it is unlike a constant trickle charge, further it is my understanding that because of this action it cannot “kill” the battery.

I do not leave my bike connected to the Optimate full time, but put it on for 12 - 24 hours before I know I am going for a ride, if I have enough warning.

The only problems I can find with using Optimate chargers on the internet all relate to faulty units

You’re probably right, I’m just quoting somebody else who said “don’t leave it on all the time”, so I’m not, I know naff all about them as it’s the first one I’ve ever used :smiley:

Chinese whispers start urban myths! What you state on here can negatively influence people’s thoughts of what is basically a very good product. Beware

Point taken, thanks. :smiley:

Hi All,
Sorry I’ve not replied sooner, yes bike running fine. I think it was water ingress around the starter motor.
Thanks for you replies and apologies again.