Remember Me Function on the Forum

Has the “Remember Me” function been disables on the Forum? I’ve recently changed computers and despite clicking on the remember me box it never does. Perhaps it has dementia and has lost its short term memory?



I don’t think it has ever worked. I use my browser to remember usernames and passwords for me, so I still have to logon each time but I don’t have to remember anything! :smiley:

Yes it’s never worked, always have to log on every time.


I will look into it, sigh more for my to do list

And I just thought it was me.

FYI if it helps you diagnose
It happens all the time on my (MS office) desktop but about once a week on my iPhone so something definitely fishy going on

I understood from Nigel that the feature was deliberately switched off when the club forum was launched onto this current platform.
I am on a couple of other forums which use the same platform and although they look similar to this one, there are numerous differences in how they are setup.

Mine only stopped working when I set up a new computer. it was fine on the old one which \i used until about a month ago.




two different things,
in your case, your computer remembers your passwords, same as I have set mine to do
the other one is that the Forum leaves you logged in

I will look into it