Remove LM2 handlebar controls

My LM has LM2 switchgear. The LH side is firmly fixed, but the RH side swivels about 10 degrees around the clip on, and the twist grip needs a little lubrication.

I’d like to take it off, lubricate as necessary and refit so it stays put, but I’m being dim, how do I take it off?


There are small black crosshead screws that go up from the underside, they are quite well recessed so can be tricky to see.

Thanks Don,

I did look, it’s what I expected, but will look again

Presume there’s a pin to locate the moulding on the clip-on


Not that I recall, you just tighten them up reasonably tight, but remember they are only self tappers into plastic so don’t overdo it.


Faffing with the garden & the BM today, and it’s b cold in the garage. Maybe tomorrow…



Thanks, they are indeed a couple of rather small self tappers, well hidden in the groove between the throttle body and the switch portion.

In between them there is a sharp, pointed, hardened Allen grubscrew that is presumably intended to bite into the underside of the bar. Underwhelming would be a good description!

I shall relocate the bits on the bar and use them to guide a centre punch, I’ll then drill and tap the underside of the bar so the lower portion can be fixed firmly in place.

I cleaned the rather hardened, sludgy, grease from the inside of the twistgrip, and the outside of the bar.

Does anyone have an opinion regarding the grease with which to re-lubricate it? I have traditional stuff, copper grease or silicone grease. I’m inclined to silicone but would welcome others’ experience


I’m sure any sort of lubrication will be an improvement, silicon sounds good.
On my Spada, I have rotated the left switchgear round quite a bit from standard. It puts the lights on off at the bottom, but you only turn them on or off once on a ride. It does make the indicators and dip switch in a much more logical place where your thumb can reach easily.
I have also painted a bit of white under the indicators so you can easily see if the switch is off.

Switch gear by Don West, on Flickr

Nice, good idea with the indicator-indicator!

Great tip thanks. I’ll do the same on my 850T. I’m famous among my riding friends for leaving my indicators on. I may even do that today.

I’ve added a sounder to my Stelvio indicators, the bleeping can get annoying but you never leave the indicators on by mistake!

Me too. It does have a delay so only comes on after about 15 seconds, I also fitted one to the Bonneville, but it only lasted about one trip out before the vibrations killed it off! I must take a look at it one day to see if I can fix it. That one has a link to the brake light so stops beeping when you have the brakes on.

I took off the one that was fitted on Blue. No delay, it just started beeping the moment I hit the switch. Maybe indicators were just a mistake for bikes, I have a few without them and no problems there - I never forget and leave my arm out. And weren’t Yamaha fitting self cancelling devises back in the late 70s - what happened to those?