Removing a 2009 Breva 750 grab thingy

The plastic brake/rear light connector is just under the front of this and is not fully connected so the rear lights keep flashing intermittently. I’d like to push the connector home but it’s visible though inaccessible just under this. I had undone all four Allen bolts a little way but there was no sign of movement in the grab rail(?) at all.

Should I keep undoing them all the way? Is it just held on by them or are there other secret bolts and/or something will drop into a recess that I’ll never find again? I only need to lift it enough to fix the connector I think. Any assistance appreciated. Thanks.

From memory unscrew them right out, and the grab rail comes away with the rear light assembly

Thanks very much. I’m sure they only need loosening enough to ease out the connector, push it together and then screw back the grab rail. Hopefully that will be fine and there are no sneaky nuts underneath then. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it has captive nuts on the frame, I cant check my bike as its in for overhaul, but I have a spare grab rail someplace, there might be nuts under the mudguard that will need a scoekt on them

I hope you didn’t do that for me!

I’ve found the issue - my pannier frames were bolted to the bottom of the grab bar which I realised when I’d removed all the bolts. I just loosened them off to allow the grab rail to move which was enough to allow me to pull out the brake light connecter parts and connect them. I’m happy to report that my Breva is now legal again!

Thanks for all comments. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No dont worry
its in Didcot at the moment
and I am in gloucestershire !!
I took the back end off a few years back to have the grab rail refinished and a new badge
I like to keep my machine in applie pie order
owned it 20 years now !!

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Assuming that’s a Breva in a skeletal state then it must have been one of the very first. 20 years is doing very nicely. Mine is 2009 but I only got it at the end of 2021.

2003, I saw one being ridden by a young lady from Piaggio I think, stopped to chat, the BMW was re homed to a friend, and I walked into Streffords and paid cash for it, I wanted a silver one, but the factory was on holiday, this red one was in the stores still with its plastic cover on
first new motorbike ever
Its like an Italian woman though , if I dont spend some dosh on her or lavish attention she sulks
bought a new starter motor recently, the old one passed all the tests but refused to work ???
chucked a new one on ( even a builders labourer like me can change one) fired first time ??

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