removing brake pistons

How do i get the pistons out of a Brembo P8 ?

if caliper is off the bike and disconnect from fluid
wrap in rag and blow it out with airline

will a tyre airline at local garage do the business? i dont have access to a compressor jim mac2013-03-10 11:41:27

you can force it out by pumping the hydraulics but put rag around as yu do not want brake fluid any where.
What I do is take off the caliper from the bike and leave the ose connected and pump the brakes it pops the pistons out easy. guzzibear2013-03-10 12:47:16

think you might struggle as you will struggle to ge a decent seal around the inflator
only thing you might be able to do is get a football adaptor and fit it to the forcourt airline and put the adaptor in the caliper
any particular reason you want it out

Or pop it into your local car repair shop andsweet talk them into blowing it out

want to overhaul them, fit aluminium pistions to replace old steel ones that are getting sticky.

if struggling with them box them up and pust them to me
have you got the ceramic coated one or plain alli

I’ve done it with a tyre foot pump and the nozzle arttachment for blowing up air beds. Even rusted in pistons. Destroyed the footpump’s valve though. Max. 100 p…s.i.!

got them out - used the tyre pump for the car, a rubber washer to seal the main hole, my thum for the small hole - popped them right out

There ya go! Just wot I would’ve done

putting new ones in - after cleaning and some lube, is it just gentle tapping making sure to protect piston or what ?

When I did Annies Virago I pressed the new pistons back in so far then used a gclamp with some wood on the outside they went in alot easier than I expected… Had to pop To Twiggers to get the master cyl piston done took 2 mins , I did not have a circlip plier up to the job and to buy one would have cost more than paying Mark to do it.

usually smear the seal with this and gently push them in with thumbs if to tight i hava a litte G clamp and just pop them in with the clamp

i use this stuff for lubrication

Just make sure they are square to the bores before putting too much pressure on. If square they shuld just push in with finger pressure.

Yes I think so too. But lubricate with brake fluid first. Are these the teflon coated alloy ones?

Note for people using an airline for this sort of job, get a goalkeeper and first aid kit, and mind your fingers. Yes I do speak from experience

I got a very corroded one out by drilling and tapping 8mm in middle of piston, then screwing in a well-greased bolt. Piston gave away quickly and no damage to body (mine or brake…). Steady hand with drill mind…

Best way I’ve found is to remove caliper, leave hose attached, put caliper in bucket, and pump handle/pedal. You’ll get far more pressure than an airline and it’s a lot less dangerous.OK you lose a bit of fluid, but it probably needs replacing anyway.