removing crankshaft Nuovo Falcone

Hi all,
Renewed the clutch on my Nuovo Falcone today. During this I noted wear on the crank nose and associated timing case bush. I have decided to machine the nose down to clean it up from 14mm as now to 13 mm and fit a viton seal/circlip. Clearly I need to remove the crank for this and like to speak to anyone that has split the crankcases on these engines. I am wondering if I can leave the clutch in situ and just remove the crank gears.
My phone number is 07768958591. or reply here with a number to call and I’ll call you.
Many thanks
Pete Crowther

Sorted the problem.
The location dowels were seized in the ally casing making splitting the cases particularly difficult. I tapped 8mm metric threads into both sides of four evenly spaced 6mm bolt holes that secure the two halves of the crankcases. Then put 8mm bolts into these threaded holes to act as jacking points. This plus release oil soaking and heat gently eased them apart. The leading edges of the jacking bolts were chamfered to prevent the spreading and preventing their removal. The internal size of the now 8mm threaded clamp points is now 6.7mm so only slightly up on the standard 6.5mm holes so no problem for re assembly.