removing filler on petrol tank

I am removing the paint (and lots of filler!) from my T3 petrol tank ready to send it for repainting.
I would like to use the proper, screw on tank badges, but although the tank has the mounting holes they are filled up with filler.

Does anyone have any clever tricks for removing body filler from holes, with screw threads I don’t want to damage?


On my earlier 850T the tank badges are not screw in, there are two tangs on the back of each badge that push into the two holes each side of the tank. I would expect your T3 to be the same. They are held in there with steel spring clips, although glue would do instead. Remove the filler with a small pointed grinding bit or a small drill bit on a Dremel or other such device. You will feel the steel when you have gone deep enough!

Thanks Chris, I assumed the badges would be screw in. Knowing that there won’t be a screw thread I have managed to remove the filler. Can’t see any “clips” though so I think, as you said, it will be glue to secure the new badges after painting.
Thanks for your help/the info.