Removing Griso side panels

I thought I’d have a look at what’s involved in getting to the start relay on my Griso 8v with a view to doing the ‘start mod’.I have a workshop manual but it’s completely useless for stuff like this. I unscrewed the allen screw fasteners on the front side and along the underside of the panels, and four under the rear end under the rear light (so quite a few!), and the two hex-headed ‘bolts’ that hold on the black plastic cover under the back of the saddle.But the ‘side panel’ moulding was still firmly attached at the rear light. I assume that when it’s free of fsateners it’ll slide off backwards leaving the rear light in place.Why won’t it come off? What do I need to do in addition to the above to get at those relays?

GZK6NK2013-08-06 20:19:39

I may be barking up the wrong tree but looks like all that sort of stuff is under the fuel tank - (?) ^ page 257… (bodywork / air box) Further back says where they are with pix (search the pdf for ‘fuse’ etc.)

The relays appear to be behind the sidepanel, RH side, under the seat. I can prise the panel back enough to see them when I take out all the obvious allen screw fastensers, but to do the mod I need better access and need to know how to remove the panel completely.

I recently had reason to remove the tailpiece in order to drill the holes for a rack. This is a copy of the rack fitting instructions covering tailpiece removal. It really is easy after you’ve done it once. Are you flexing the sides outwards? Remember the tailpiece will still have the seat lock attached by the cable.

Many thanks Bikeralw. According to that, it’s only 6 allen bolts and the two pins. I removed far more than that in my attempt, but the sectret seems to be flexing the sides outwards. I presume the tail light stays in place.

The six obvious ones plus the outer allen bolts underneath. Yes, the tail light stays in place.