Removing steering head bearings - CARC

Has anyone got any advice on what to use to remove the steering head bearing races; there are no cutouts on the headstock to get a puller in there. The manual doesn’t list any specific puller like the old T3 manual did.

There is a very slight edge to get on but screwdriver blade edge or prybar can’t get quite enough purchase.

I always use a long series pin punch or a bit of steel bar would work just as well

Hi All

Not proud of my workmanship, thinking of opening a butchers shop. All done.
The bearing cup was pretty much same size as the shoulder on the headstock, I did end up getting an internal bearing puller - which should have done the job but didn’t (lovely piece of equipment). So for the top cup I welded a bar across the cup and whacked it out, bottom cup ended up having to grind it out.

It appears that the headstock is narrower past the bearing cups at each end, which makes it really diificult to get a drift onto the edge. The replacement roller bearings have the same size shoulder so will have same problem when I come to replace them next time.

Interestingly these bearing were quite well greased unlike the swing arm